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Our archive

Our historical archive aims to collect, catalog and share the historical memory of the company.

This notable collection of garments has a pivotal role during the stylistic process, while generating a link between past and future trends.



The classification of the garments is mainly based on the type of yarn employed, which go from warm Cashmere to fine Silk. The goal is to provide a broad spectrum of implementation options.



The archive represents an invaluable source for the diversity of knitting stitches manufactured on different gauges, going from the basic examples to the more intricate and challenging ones.



The catalogue is filled with garments treated with special dyes and washings, which add the finishing touches to the final product.


Embroideries & Prints

The archive section dedicated to embroidery and prints is the most diverse in terms of refinement and preciousness.



We particularly care about keeping alive the use and knowledge of "handmade" techniques, renewing the attachment to traditional and artisanal methods.


Made in Italy

This last section of the archive is dedicated to the enhancement of garments that have been made within our national territory and produced with Italian yarns.

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