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This area is dedicated to our latest projects and collaborations.

Trittico Project - Pitti Filati 92

3 companies working together to a choral project, conceived to highlight the features of each part, along with a common journey from yarn to finished product.

Three-act story that comes at Pitti Filati in a trunk full of ideas: Inside, a knitwear capsule collection in pure linen and cotton, enobled by dyeing processes and customizations.


Designed for explorers, noblemen and artists, trunks were traditionally envisioned as guardians of fascinating itineraries. In this instance, it will bring to Iafil's Pitti Filati fair stand a shared research and contemporary expression of 3 companies (Iafil, Skytex, and Tintoria Emiliana) and a cross-reference between "inside" and "outside". The capsule interacts with drapes displayed by the milanese yarn mill to express their SS24 collection in a bond between yarn-dyed striped motives and garment-dye treatments. The pieces were designed for a season that winds between white and bright colors, where striped deckchairs turn into style icons.


A sense of well-being and invigorating warmth of sun-faded colors, enfuse energy and new styling expressions thanks to a holiday-urban mix.

In other words: a 100% made-in Italy gateaway.

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